28 August 2012

The Generous Heart of a Little Boy

Banyan is an incredibly thoughtful boy.  He has a passion for serving people and making sure they are comfortable.  If you have ever been a guest in our house, I'm sure you have experienced Banyan's hospitality.  First he will bring out his multi-coloured ikea plastic cups and pass them around, then he brings out his Papa's special juice and pours a glass for every one.  Next, it's time to divvy up his stash of granola bars, apple sauces, throat lozenges, pickles, olives or what ever happens to be with in his reach.  Feeling cold?  No problem, Banyan will bring you a pile of blankets then jump all over you until you can't take it any more.  He will even set up the sofa bed incase your tired.  He also knows it's nice to give flowers to people.  It took a whole summer of training him not to pick every flower in sight but the flowers were very pretty and it allowed me to use every single vase in the house.  Lately, Banyan has been leaving little gifts and handing out treats to our neighbours.  This morning he got dressed, ate some banana bread and said, "see you later".  I inquired where he was going and he said he had to make a delivery of figs to the neighbours.  "Oh".  Of course he had picked the hardest, most unedible ones, so I helped him out a little.  He took the dish of freshly picked figs and banged on the neighbours' doors at 8:20am. When Banyan gets an idea, we just go with it.  If he's determined to do something with or with our our help, might as well help him do it right.  

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John said...

Hi Julianne, I love Banyan's thoughtfulness and his generousness. That's my sweet Banyan! Gramma