31 August 2011

Third Beach


We finally made it to the beach with our swim suits on!  Despite the fact that summer is pretty much over and school starts next week.  We soaked up some sun and rolled around in the sand.  It would have been the perfect day at the beach except a few minor details.  

I lost my pair of sunglasses that I have been wearing for the past eight years.  I had them tucked safely in the top of my shirt while I washed Banyan off.  I didn't notice my sunglasses drop silently into the water and I didn't notice the current slowly drifting them away.  Now they are probably headed towards the great garbage patch in the middle of the pacific ocean.  I felt like I was leaving a piece of myself at the beach as I packed up my gear and headed home. 

When I got back to the van, I did notice a parking ticket stuck to my windshield. The violation officer apparently gave me a ticket while I was paying for parking and I paid for two hours!  It's not cheap to park at Third Beach.

Feeling slightly frustrated, I still had a great time.  

Banyan and I made sand mounds for the tide to come through and we played soccer on the beach.  He was hilarious running through the waves singing 'pop goes the weasel' completely oblivious to his audience. 

Even little Georgia enjoyed her self, sporting a little sundress and funky sunglasses.

24 August 2011

Bonnes Vacances Signs

I had to post about Pret a Voyager's blog posting because it's too funny for me.  I like this kind of humour, analyzing a collection of the vernacular.  For some reason this makes me happy.  

Zara in Rome

I just want to say European Zara really does kick North American Zara's butt.  I read a post of Garance Doré last fall who said it.  I was stoked to read that and made it my mission to seek out a Zara in my 24 hours in Rome.  It was awesome.  There were at least 5-6 floors of clothes clothes clothes! (okay, maybe not that many floors but it seemed like a lot).  Even McKay got into shopping because the prices where ideal to him.  I really was awe struck, everything looked so polished and organized and they had an abundance of sizes in everything.  Even the quality of the garments seemed better.  I can't remember which Zara we went to but we spent a good portion of the night in there.  

This is how it went down.  I was wearing thin black leggings when we got on the plane in Vancouver, a relatively mild winter place.  I get off the plane in New York and I am freezing.  No matter, I leave in a few hours so I tough it out.  Then I get off the plane in Rome and oh my goodness, I am frozen!  I didn't bring extra pants in our carry-on so what am I gonna do?  Go Shopping!  Unbeknownst to McKay I had the address of all the Zara's in Rome, Spain, and Morocco written in my travel journal.  Ha!  I convinced McKay it was a necessity to get some warmer pants or I was going to die.  Plus, Banyan needed socks and wasn't wearing any because McKay let him wear them into the airplane washroom.  Eeeew!  I wanted to throw his socks in the garbage!  So we searched, we found, and I got my pair of pants and Banyan some socks.  We were happy and continued on in our 24 hours in Rome (which was mostly in the dark).

Anyway, I went to Zara the other day on Robson street because I am excited to buy clothes again after being pregnant.  Maybe it's a little too soon to shop but I can't help my self.  I wanted these pants but...

...first of all my size was gone and there were only a few on the rack anyway.  The quality wasn't there and the belt in the picture was not the same belt it came with :(
It took me a long time to find them as everything in the Robson Zara is scattered everywhere.  There doesn't seem be any rhyme or reason to their layout. And lastly, why are all the staff miserable?  It's like they only hire people with a perma-scowl.    

I ended up with a few shirts which I am going to return because I tried them on with some of my clothes and I'm not happy with the overall look of them.  Too Bad.  

22 August 2011

MacLean Park

Some friends came by on Saturday and we ended up at the splash park.  
It was a perfect summer afternoon.   


We have the most unbelievable blackberries growing in our garden.  We have never had such sweet tasting blackberries before.  McKay picked a whole ice cream bucket full last night and it's already half gone.  McKay has discovered a new black berry cleanse..... let's just say he's eaten way too many ;) 

20 August 2011

Early Morning Walk-About

When I first moved to Australia, it took me a few months to adjust my internal northern hemisphere clock to a southern hemisphere clock.  I would generally wake up at 4:30am to the sound of a thousand cockatoo's squawking.  It sounded like a tree full of monkey's going crazy.  By 5am I would slap my runner's on and go for a run through the woods, up Mount Coottha and into the neighbouring area of Ashgrove.  I discovered the great Australian walk-about was addicting...

I love venturing out early in the morning when most are still in bed sleeping.  I love seeing the roads barren and feeling a stillness that hangs in the air.  Because I was up at 6am feeding my little baby, I thought why not?  I left her with McKay, slapped on my runners and enjoyed an early morning walk-about.   I saw people in their pyjama's (barely awake) walking their dogs, extreme athletes working out at the gym and my favourite....the group of old chinese people practicing tai chi.

As I was walking toward MacLean Park, calming traditional chinese music floated passed my ears.  At first I though it was coming through an open window somewhere but when I crossed the street, I was pleasantly surprised to see the slow moving silhouettes in tai chi form as the morning sun sparkled over the horizon.  It brought me back to Hong Kong where I loved to watch the old people practice tai chi at Victoria Park amongst the large population of feral cats.  The music made the whole experience.  It kind of carried me away into some ancient memory of existence.

Discovering this early morning practice at MacLean park made time stand still for a moment.  I was taken to my home away from home but soon returned to East Van once out of sight.  It was a subtle reminder that my neighbourhood slowly dissolves into China Town.   I love where I live.

I also saw this...

The hamburger caught my eye, I thought it was a clever yard sale sign.  It makes me want to check it out.  Apparently it's all day saturday too since there is no specific time :)

I almost made it home in my dream world when some primitive male decided to whistle at me....do I look attractive in my sweaty work out clothes and messy bed-head hair?  Is my post maternity body that stunning?  I can't stand it when I get whistled at, it gives me the feeling that women are viewed as cheap object.  Thanks a lot GUY.

10 August 2011

This is what I picked in my garden today....and this is only a sampling of the bounty.  I filled three large ziploc bags full of garden goodness.  I planted two short rows of green beans and I can hardly keep up with the supply.  I don't mind though, I can eat them right off the plant as is.  I love crunching on fresh veggies.  I have an amazing recipe for sesame miso beans which I can't resist making every time!

I also can't keep up with the zucchini.  One day I have an almost perfect small size zucchini waiting to be picked and the next day?....A giant alien zucchini that could feed a family of 6!  Those guys are hard to harvest at the right time.  I probably have to harvest them at midnight to catch the right size but i don't dare go into the garden past dusk.  There is a baby skunk that roams around the garden thinking he owns the joint.  I'm scared to even step off my porch at night.    

I think the next bounty will be my cherry tomato collection.  The plants are dripping, justing waiting for a little more sun to ripen the tasty little morsels.   

07 August 2011

My Hood

I love the neighbourhood we live in.  Each time I walk through it, I find so much inspiration from the vibrant colours, the history of the heritage houses, and the spontaneous creativity posted along the way.  It's the kind of people living in the neighbourhood who are enjoyable to meet.  I love that Strathcona is home to many artists which only adds to the vibe.  I love East Van.  I'm just going to put that out there right now.  I think there is something incredibly special about East Van that can't be fabricated in other parts of the city.  It's raw, unpretentious, and inclusive.  

01 August 2011

Hollyhock Heaven

I went a little ape taking photographs of flowers on Sunday.  I probably took a hundred while walking through the Strathcona community garden.  The lighting was awesome.  The setting sun back-lit the leaves and pedals of the plants.  My favourite photos of the day were the hollyhocks.
They remind me of my mom who use to grow them out side of her bedroom window.  Her's were dark violet mixed with some reddish purple hues standing tall against our light green house.  I found my self more drawn to these delicate pink ones for their ethereal quality.