21 August 2012

Ryue Nishizawa: Teshima Art Museum, Japan

I discovered the Teshima Art Museum not while I was in Japan but this morning @molostudio and I was completely blown away by it's ethereal poetry.  The Architect, Ryue Nishizawa, conveys a space that flows seamlessly with it's surrounding natural environment like a "droplet of water gliding across the land".  Through the oval openings, the elements are allowed to interact with the structure creating a tangible, audible experience that continually changes.  You can read more about it at designboom.  This is number one on my list when I return to Japan.  


David Koppe said...

wow. never heard of this. looks wonderfully modern.

David Billa said...

If you haven't been there yet, brace yourself. No picture can do it justice (although those you published are the best ever taken).