27 January 2012

Pakayla Beihn

Ever since the camera was invented, painting and photography have been at odds with each other.  Each trying to mimic or surpass the other.  However, Pakayla Beihn has managed to blend both mediums together creating a beautiful ethereal vision.  

The Three Amigos

While I was in my own world this morning, I noticed Banyan's three amigos perched so carefully precise next to him.  I love how Banyan is in a constant state of play.  It makes me a little sad to think that I have lost most of my ability to play and imagine as a child does.  Somewhere along the way I became ashamed to be a child and aspired to be an adult.  I think some of the best adults are those who have managed to maintain a healthy balance of play and responsibility... isn't that what being an adult is about?  Responsibility?  I want to encourage Banyan's world of play for the rest of his life.  It's a good thing his father never became a full fledge adult!  At least he has some goofy foot steps to follow.

26 January 2012

The Drive...

I would walked by Tony's Deli several times a day on a daily basis for four years when I lived on the Drive.  I always wanted to take a break and sit in one of these chairs and enjoy a nice cup of whatever and eat a delicious bowl of something else and just be part of the cafĂ© crowd on Commercial Drive.  Somehow, I never took the time because I was always on my way to somewhere or in a hurry to get back back home.  At least I have this picture to keep the day dream a live.  

21 January 2012

A Serious Case...

...of homesickness for Hong Kong.  It's been Over five years since I moved away from this vibrating city and I still miss it.  I finally returned in 2010 with a four day layover from Japan to Vancouver.  This was my big chance to put an end to that chapter in my life, to find some closer to a city that I found myself doing a lot of thinking and soul searching.  I wandered the streets and explored the districts like a pale ghost floating through a pulsating stream of people and traffic for a year and a half.  My life was in complete limbo in this city.  Yet, it has become a big part of me and feels so much like home.  When ever I hear some one even mention the name 'Hong Kong' my heart yearns to be back there.  Since my stop over, I have had more closure and think about this city less and less.  I've even felt little desire to return.  But it all came flooding back yesterday as the Chinese New Year celebrations are about to start.  The year of the Dragon.  That was the year I arrived in Hong Kong in 2005.  I have come full circle.

18 January 2012

Miss Georgia

Little Miss is starting to crawl which is exciting but also frightening as I scope the house and see a billion teeny tiny lego pieces strewn about.  Her room is probably the only real safe place but even then lego tends to migrate from the room next door.  All I can do is hope for the best and be a giant nag!

13 January 2012


It's a beautiful sunny day, but I woke up with a head ache and my children are screaming and I drop my iPhone in to the toilet.  Nice, nice, very nice.

Returning to Higher Education

I started school this week after taking a nice year long absence at ECUAD.  It feels good to be back but was briskly reminded of my age as I sat in class with mostly recently graduated high school students.  The joys of going back to uni.

One think I like about attending art school is there never fails to be some humorous piece of work anonymously posted.  I found this sticker placed above the hand dryers in the washroom.  Profound isn't it?  Who hasn't felt like that at least once in their post secondary educated life?

This will probably be me in a month or two.

06 January 2012

Closet Inspiration

I can be really moved by certain colours and textures which almost makes me a hopeless case in a fabric store.  I have to resist my inner desire to buy a whole bolt of fabric just because I love it so much even if I have no specific plan for it.   The right colours with the right textures can alter a person's perception of them selves, of others, and of life its self.  I find inspiration in textiles which presents a mood or an idea to me.

On a personal note, I try to keep my closet paired down with a small selection of items and a few colour schemes to keep things simple.  I've seen my closet a million times.  It changes slightly from year to year as I refine my perception of colour and texture but I see it day in and day out.  Nothing unusual there.  One day I left the closet door open and happened to walk by it.  Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed how lovely all the colours and textures looked next to each other.  It urged me to take a photo, to capture the mood of my closet.  You just never know what is going to inspire you...