07 May 2007

A hard pill to swallow.

It was a rare momentary lapse..... another campaign ended in heartache,
keeping the Stanley Cup count at zero.

07 March 2007

Malagasy Sunset

"City of a Thousand"....a thousand massed warriors of Andrianjaka, a thousand Renault 4 taxis whine up and down the cobbled hills, a thousand purple jacaranda trees blaze into life all over the city raining nectar on to the heads of skipping children and strolling couples. A thousand terracotta mansions with wooden balconies and tiled roofs stacked on to the hillsides turning gold in the setting sun, a thousand paddy fields glint in the pale light forming endless chequered patterns of green and brown....this is Antananarivo.

Photo by Landon Wood
Words by L.P.