23 July 2012

Strasbourg in Toasty Brown

I think it would be a hassle to park in that drive way on a daily basis.  It seems a bit precarious with the river flowing an arms length away from the bumper of the car.  

20 July 2012

Strasbourg: Fade to Red

Lace, vines, bicycles, wooden doors, heart shutters...what's not to love?  My photographic journey of the city of windows continues...

19 July 2012

Strasbourg, City of Windows

I had the chance to walk around Strasbourg a few times while in France but it wasn't easy trying to push a baby stroller, hold the hand of a five year old and look through the lens of a camera at the same time.  It's one of those things looking back and wishing I had more photographs and wishing I had stopped to enjoy the moment in a park or sit in a cafe.  I wish I had the luxury of strolling aimlessly through the streets and soaking up the ambiance.  Banyan is always hungry at the wrong times so I spent most of my leisure finding him things to eat like bread pretzels and expensive juice.  He even finagled a few sorbets too.  I didn't get much time to explore this beautiful city but I'm grateful for the slice I did experience of Strasbourg's culture, history, and architecture.  

12 July 2012

Banyan in France

This boy has been speaking french with his Papa since he could talk but do you think he took the opportunity to use his special skills?  Nope.  Banyan didn't speak one lick of french the entire time we were in France.  He's very tenacious about speaking english.  

11 July 2012

That 70's Apartment

I found this post waiting in draft mode and thought it deserved to be posted.  My friend Janey took on the challenge of buying a piece of real estate in Vancouver then had it gutted and renovated.  She did most of the gutting herself but before she could remove all aspects of history, I snapped a few mementos of her flat.  Plus the added bonus of little Georgia only a few months old, how could I not post it?  It seems so long ago and is a reminder of how much time has gone by.  

10 July 2012

Plobsheim, France

I really appreciate the little details I found while walking around Plobsheim.  I loved the lace curtains with fine details next to the rustic wooden shutters and wood beams that were kept exposed to show off the houses structural design.  Miniature busts stand at attention waiting to hold open the shutter doors.  I could see how people kept their potted plants just so and the flourish of petite flowers grown en masse in the garden beds.  Potted herbs are kept with in arms reach of the kitchen and is the secret to French home cooking.  I ate the most beautiful salads made up of fine herbs and tender mesclun from the garden daily.  I would always quiz my host, Lilly, about the ingredients in each dish she made and it was usually just some fresh herbs from the garden.  Her dishes carried so much depth of flavour.  Lilly was so gracious in catering to my dietary needs that I can honestly say I have never eaten so well in my life.  Every day was a pleasure at Lilly's French table. 

09 July 2012

Georgia's 1st Birthday

We recently celebrated Georgia's first birthday.  It was her first time for something a little sweet and she wasn't quite sure how to eat her pie so she dove right in face first.  She surprised everyone by making eating noises while pretending to eat.  It was hard not to laugh at this cute little comedic baby of ours.  I think she will be a joker like her father.  In the end most of the pie ended up on the floor but she thoroughly enjoyed herself.  The rest of us had blueberry and apple pie with ice cream (non-diary and gluten free of course).  Banyan helped himself to some of the apple slices and pie crust before the guests arrived and needless to say I was not impressed but it was still delicious.  

05 July 2012

Lavender & Rose: Plobsheim, France

One of my favourite things to do in Plobsheim was to aimlessly walk around the small village while taking in its subtle beauty.  I really couldn't get enough of the window shutters and flower gardens.  I felt like a creep pointing my camera lens at people's windows.  It made me a little nervous but I couldn't help myself so I did it anyway.  As I walked around, I also couldn't help but draw similarities to the Japanese aesthetic I experienced travelling in Japan.  Japanese people have this beautiful flowing organic way about potted plants and gardens and I see the French have their own flare for this kind of simple beauty.  Even the houses had a calm, tidy design to them.  However, the pink house was a little too flamingo-esque for my taste.