30 July 2011

Sunday Picnic

We all went out for a Sunday picnic last week to enjoy the (finally arrived) summer weather.
It was kind of a last minute plan and we really didn't have much in the way of delicious picnic food to bring.  But I did whip up a refreshing elderflower and mint drink to take with us.  
um, can we say gross?

28 July 2011

Blueberries and Walnuts

Unsprayed local blueberries and walnuts on top of hot cereal makes me pretty darn happy.  Especially when I can sit and eat in my garden patio while soaking up the morning sun.  
(A rare occurrence so far this summer.)

27 July 2011

Mr. Goof Ball

Little B has become increasingly difficult to photograph this past year.   He can't stay still and thinks that a good picture must entail a goofy face .  
I managed to catch him after a moment of sadness and snapped the straightest face I have seen in a long time.  
 But after a few shots, his mood picked up and it wasn't long before the goofy faces started appearing again.  

10 July 2011

Simple Pleasures

The best part of summer for me is the abundance of fruit!  Especially stone fruit.  It's such a pleasure to sit and eat a bowl full of local cherries.  I've also been plowing through honey dew melon like there's no tomorrow.  I'm sure I've eaten  more than double my weight in melon this season already.  And in my opinion EVERYTHING tastes better in a ceramic bowl.  

Our simple pleasure turned into an impromptu math lesson.  Although litte B likes to call it his science project.  In the middle of eating our cherries and melon he ran up stairs and came back with a pad of paper and pen in hand.  He asked me how to write 1+1 then we started using the cherries as a visual.

So satisfying.  

05 July 2011

Georgia Olive

I've been a little busy lately bringing this beautiful little girl into the world.  She came a week early which was a pleasant surprise.  I had the most incredible experience and can fully appreciate the natural process of giving birth the way it was meant to be.   My first experience was so traumatic I was pretty sure I wasn't willing to risk doing that again.  But what tipped the scale?  Banyan needed a playmate for life.  Being an only child did not suit him at all.  So after three and a half years I took the risk...

I'm happy I did because now I know giving birth can be a beautiful thing and it doesn't have to be emotionally and physically traumatic. Having a Midwife and a home birth was amazing.  I highly recommend it.