23 April 2012

Sean Alexander

source, coyote source

I came a cross Sean Alexander's drawings one day. It was the coyote that caught my eye on pitch design union blog. I tried to find out more about him but when I went to his website, it looked like he deleted all his work. One page was titled "Talk to the Hand" with a picture of his hand and it said, "Erasing. Will post new work if I feel like drawing again".  Now I can't even find that page. I could be mistaken as there are a lot of Sean Alexanders out there on the web but I think this is the guy who made these drawings. In a way I kind of feel like him, I want to erase everything...my facebook, my blog, twitter...everything. I don't really know his story but for me I feel like being online presents a false reality with pressure to keep the online reality alive by posting everything I'm doing in reality so my online reality can keep going. At the same time, being online allows me to access so many talented and creative people which allows me to glean images for inspiration and ideas. It's a double edged sword really. How to strike a fine balance between being online and offline. I guess the question is what is really important? I think I choose real life. I want to live for the sake of living and not for my online reality.    

Will post more if I feel like posting again.  

20 April 2012


If I were an egg, where would I hide? Looks like purple was the dominant colour at the Easter egg hunt this year. It's so hard to get good shots of the kids when they are running around in a crazed state to find easter eggs but I managed to get a few.  It was such a beautiful Easter weekend. The weather was fantastic with big white billowing clouds, blue skies and lots and lots of sunshine.  

03 April 2012

Little Man

Banyan had these glasses kicking around his room so we decided to do something fun with them. We dressed Banyan up in his vintage suit jacket and vintage sweater vest, which was his Father's when he was just a wee lad, slapped on a bow tie and voila, a little man.

02 April 2012


It's over.  My semester is finally over.  I wrote my final exam today and I feel pretty deflated.  March has been one long crunch at school.  Now I can spend what few moments I have on my blog and not feel guilty.  As spring rolls in and the cherry blossoms spread across the city, I hope I can find a renewed sense of vigour for my creativity.