29 August 2012

Cheese Cave

Claremont, California

The Cheese Cave is a beautifully curated shop located in Claremont, California with a unique selection of artisanal cheeses and everything you could possibly want for a rustic cheese party.  We paid them a visit on our last day in the area and McKay couldn't help himself but sample their wares.  While he was busy shmoozing with the cheesemongers, I had my hands full, literally, with a camera, diaper bag, and one year old.  This shop had all kinds of breakable glass objects at Georgia's level which became a high stress situation when ever I put her down for a second to snap some photos.  To add more pressure, Banyan kept nagging me to buy him San pellegrino, candied almonds, and a sandwich.  McKay, completely oblivious to my struggles, blissfully savoured a symphony of cheeses.  

The crew working there were incredibly knowledgeable and down to earth and made us feel most welcome despite the circus act going on around me.  They had really good olive oils and Balsamic vinegar on tap and had a system where you could bring back your empty bottle of oil or vinegar to refill it.  Banyan (like his father) couldn't help himself and had no problem dipping into the samples more than once.  For those who know me, those two items are my most favourite things to use on a daily basis.  A good quality bottle of oil and vinegar can make the humblest salad seem sublime.  We also discovered the Cheese Cave carries Bundaberg ginger beer, the best ginger beer ever made and is extremely difficult to find outside of Australia.  This was my all time favourite drink and I haven't seen one since we left Brisbane eight years ago.  I love this shop and it doesn't even matter that I can't eat cheese. 

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McKay said...

haha I totally remember being in a special heightened cheese state of mind and only focusing on the smell and tastes in my mouth. Such a good baba!