22 February 2006

SPCA Kittens

It's been way to long since my last post. I've been waiting for the right thing to add but it just hasn't come. But for the past month McKay and I have been fostering kittens from the SPCA here in Hong Kong. Our first Kitten was Mao Mao who was a beautiful tortoise shell coloured creature that loved to fight, fight, fight. I had a hard time giving her back to the SPCA but I'm happy to report has already found a permanent home. I wanted to be selfish and keep her to myself but our circumstance wasn't fair to the little cat. So now we have a new foster in our midst. Her name is Ducky. When we first took her home, all she did was meow which didn't really sound like a meow but more like a quack. This tiny ball of fur waddling around quacking, was just too funny. She sleeps, sleeps, sleeps all day long. This one is not a fighter but a lover. She loves to be pet, and soak in as much attention as she can get. Two very different characters. But lovable all the same.