31 August 2012

California Sunset

Los Angeles, California

Spending many hours of driving on the intricate web of highways around Los Angeles, gave me copious amounts of time to observe the sky.  One night on a long drive across the sun baked land, the sky filled with an ethereal pink haze as a blazing coral sun disc sunk closer and closer to the black horizon.  It was a moment of calm from the heat of the day and a time to reflect.  As a kid, I had a certain view of California.  A view that could only be imagined growing up on the Canadian prairies.  The classic cliché of palm tree sunsets was an image taken for granted.  But after spending hours with the sky, I can appreciate how beautiful the sunsets really are in California.  The sky, in its surreal glory, tumultuously roared with colour and volume in angelic silence as we passed underneath in quiet awe. 

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