02 September 2011

Granville Island Marina

 We hung out at the marina a few days ago while we waited for our posy to come back from their sea-dooing trip.  We had a great time exploring the nautical happenings.

Sometimes when I take a photo, I don't realize how much I'm inspired by it until I see it on my computer screen.  I love the blue and grey tones in the photo of Banyan.  Lately I've been finding inspiration in these colours along with many different shades of white and the look of naturally weathered wood. 


John said...

Julianne,I love all your pictures, they are beautiful, I especially like th one of Banyan sitting on the wood steps and the one of you and Georgia in black and white. I love how Banyan has a good time wherever he goes! Love you all! Mom.

nathaliedelakim said...

Love that one of Banyan! You are so talented Juli, love to see the world through your eyes:)