20 September 2011


I really wanted to try canning peaches this year but thought I would never make it with a new baby in hand.  However, an opportunity presented its self and two cases of peaches arrived at my door step.
I was told the peaches would take a few weeks to ripen up.  That should be enough time to do some research!


The next morning McKay's brother Landon, who was staying with us, said if I didn't can the peaches that day, I would probably have to throw them all in the garbage.  Panic!!!  

So in the end, canning peaches isn't as crazy as I thought.
I just want to say thank you to Landon and Brittany because I probably would have eaten most of the peaches and made the rest into jam if they weren't around.  

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John said...

Hi Julianne, The peaches look soooo delicious! Love Mom. Good job Julianne!