15 September 2011

Autumn Fruit Bowl

Summer is a time to gorge one's self on the copious amounts of fresh fruit.  For me, as soon as the local cherries popped up in the market, I could not stop eating them.  I would have several sittings and eatings in a day, every day, all summer long.  The cherries were just so big, plump, and juicy....  

But all good things must come to an end and I finally hit my saturation point in the last week of August.  I could no longer plough my way through a large bag of cherries.  I would have 4 or 5 cherries but that was enough.  I knew at that point, summer was over.  I don't think I can look at another cherry again for at least another year.  

Thank goodness for autumn fruit.  Pears are starting to show up in all shapes and sizes along with the italian plums.  Their deep colour next to the bright pears is how autumn looks and feels to me.  I think they look pretty good in my Fez bowl too.  It was actually Banyan's idea to get the plums and he's already eaten half the bag.  It will be sad when the local fruit disappears altogether from the market. 

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John said...

Hi Julianne, The canned peaches look amazing! Good project, Julianne. I love the colorful bowl of fruit, too. Autumn is my most favorite season because of all the colors and the harvest time. Love Mom.