02 March 2011

Japanese Tea Time

Even though little B is my made in China baby, he has developed a strong palette for Japanese cuisine.  His favourite things to eat consist of miso soup, soba noodle salad and onigiri.  Sometimes I send him to preschool with onigiri triangles and seaweed and he happily puts them together at snack time.  When we go out to eat, he orders an avocado roll, edamame, agadashi tofu, AND his new favourite thing, the single nigiri of salmon eggs.  We have to watch him like a hawk though because he will drink straight from the soy sauce bottle when we're not looking.  

One day we came across a small tea shop near Granville Island that I wish I could remember the name of because it was a beautifully authentic Japanese tea shop.   I have to admit, I became obsessed with the whole tea drinking experience while wandering alone in Kyoto, so I was excited to find this place.  We decided it was a good time to take a break from location scouting and have a nice hot bowl of miso soup and a Japanese sweet.

  I had to include this photo because I love little B's expression.  It makes me smile every time I see it.

Totemo ouishi!


nathaliedelakim said...

beautiful photos Juli and looks like a great find!

Brittany said...

i know i couldn't believe how good of an eater Banyan was with all the ethnic food! he was chowing down the indian food when we went to the House of Dosas and eating all of landon's sushi!! he is just the cutest lil guy, we miss him so much!