10 March 2011

Banyan's España

By the time I met my husband, he had done some extensive travelling and living overseas.  I had only dreamed about doing such a thing as I decided to start my career first.  Eight years later and a sacrificed career, I can happily say that I have lived some of those dreams...Our last adventure took us to Spain and Morocco where we travelled around for a month between December and January.  It was little B's first time travelling overseas and we weren't sure how he would manage.  It turns out he is a natural born traveller.  He even took his travel shots like a champ!  He kept up to our pace and stayed close.  Every hostel or hotel was his new home and was so excited to take his shoes off and jump on all the beds.  He is a bit of a restaurant connoisseur and loved to eat out for breakfast, lunch, and supper.  He tried most everything, including a bubbling bowl of snail soup.  (He really scarfed them down!)  

I was very curious to see what kind of photographs little B would take from his perspective. These are my favourites from Seville, Spain.  

I love the dynamic action shot...
McKay running to check out another hostel before we made our final decision...
My boots...his perspective saw a lot of them!

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