26 February 2011

Orange You Glad?

If you have never tried a Cara Cara orange, you are missing out on something amazing and beautiful.  

I can appreciate a sweet juicy navel orange.   I usually seek out the bluebird variety but one day my life changed.   Shopping on the Drive,  I happened upon an organic pile of brilliant orange Cara Caras.  I took a gamble and bought six, not knowing if they were any good.  I don't know about you, but my luck with organic oranges have usually ended with a tart taste in my mouth.  These oranges did not disappoint!  I was blown away when I cut into one to reveal a deep orange.  I was already in love at this point but the experience just kept getting better.  The flavour was purely sweet carrying a hint of ruby red grapefruit.  Needless to say, Cara Cara oranges are a new staple in my grocery basket.  

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Brittany said...

hey juli! landon and i found your blog when we looked back on landon's super old old blog! just wanted to stop by and say hello! love the food photos they are great! keep on posting!
-loved the morocco photo by the way, banyan is such a cutie on those camels, it made my heart melt!