04 March 2011

Atwood Epiphany

I am really picky about the kind of literature I read, mostly because I fear the author's ability to create emotions in me that I don't want to feel.  I don't enjoy reading about infidelity, violence, or any other twisted human capability.  Other writings are just hard to wrap my head around, you know, the book that is just hard to get into?  A Passage To India has been sitting by my bedside for a year now, and I just can't get past the first few pages.  I like to look at it and think about its mysterious content but just can't......  However, I would like to like more literature because I love the art of writing and am amazed when a piece of brilliant work falls into my hands.  

Today I realized how much I admire Margaret Atwood.  She is a well known Canadian author and poet who has won many awards for her writings but I have yet to read any of her work.  I keep coming across interviews and talks given by her on CBC radio.  Today I listened to David Suzuki chat with her on The Bottom Line where they talked about the breath of life and death.  I am always impressed with her humorous comments, spoken with such a serious tone of voice.  Margaret has this uncanny archive of knowledge that she pulls from as she speaks.  After the show was over it dawned on me, if I enjoy listening to her talk so much, is possible that I might actually like her writing?  I am willing to give her writing a change.  

If I am disappointed then I guess she will become like my Passage to India book; I like to listen to her speak and think about all the mysterious content she has written.

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