17 February 2011

Happy Mat

This is my beautiful new yoga mat!


 I've been using the same synthetic PVC filled yoga mat since 2002.  My grey nike mat seemed revolutionary at the time as everyone seemed to have either a thick floppy purple or green mat.  Even the yoga instructor, who jumped on my mat, took it for a spin and was impressed.  

Lately in my yoga classes I've notice my hands slipping a lot even when I'm not sweating.  I should never be slipping in a Hatha class!  And the thought of PVC's or other toxic chemicals releasing gases all around me leaching into my hands and feet hasn't been sitting very well.  
I did a little research and settled on Jade Yoga mats for their use of natural rubber, all made eco-friendly right in the U.S.  Apparently every Jade Yoga mat that is sold, a tree is planted.  

Well, to my surprise, I was handed a midnight blue yoga mat for my birthday the next day thanks to my husband.  Come to think of it, he was responsible for my first mat too.  

I used it this morning and am happy to say I am no longer slipping in my Hatha class.    

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