01 February 2011

Moroccan Mint Tea

I love mint tea.  I love mint itself.  I am obsessed with it.  I grow several mint patches in my garden.  My first sip of moroccan mint tea was actually at a restaurant in Hong Kong.  My husband took me there for our four year anniversary and the food was amazing.  After dinner, a small silver tea pot appeared on our table with an even smaller glass tea cup.  The tea was intoxicating.  I was instantly addicted and need more, more, just a little more.  Since then I have been on the quest to make the perfect cup of moroccan mint tea.  Last summer I even bought a  species of mint called moroccan.  My winning combo is a lemon grass and green tea bag steeped with a large, very large handful of mint leaves from my garden (stems and all), and a generous helping of maple syrup.  Beautiful.  It even tastes good with out the green tea.  

Now that I have been to Morocco and tasted a variety of mint teas, very few of quality, I have come to realize I like my moroccan mint tea the best.  I know it's organic and pure.  Most of the "mint tea" in morocco is actually low quality green tea, very bitter, with a few fresh mint leaves thrown in for good measure and copious amounts of white sugar to make it taste like something.  

One thing I did learn was to add orange water to give that certain -I-don't-know-what-zing.  

On a different note, the oranges in Morocco were amazing.  

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