10 August 2011

This is what I picked in my garden today....and this is only a sampling of the bounty.  I filled three large ziploc bags full of garden goodness.  I planted two short rows of green beans and I can hardly keep up with the supply.  I don't mind though, I can eat them right off the plant as is.  I love crunching on fresh veggies.  I have an amazing recipe for sesame miso beans which I can't resist making every time!

I also can't keep up with the zucchini.  One day I have an almost perfect small size zucchini waiting to be picked and the next day?....A giant alien zucchini that could feed a family of 6!  Those guys are hard to harvest at the right time.  I probably have to harvest them at midnight to catch the right size but i don't dare go into the garden past dusk.  There is a baby skunk that roams around the garden thinking he owns the joint.  I'm scared to even step off my porch at night.    

I think the next bounty will be my cherry tomato collection.  The plants are dripping, justing waiting for a little more sun to ripen the tasty little morsels.   


nathaliedelakim said...

so pretty and delicious! I want your bean sesame recipe b/c I have a bunch of beans to use:)

JKoZaK said...

No problem! I will send it to you.