20 August 2011

Early Morning Walk-About

When I first moved to Australia, it took me a few months to adjust my internal northern hemisphere clock to a southern hemisphere clock.  I would generally wake up at 4:30am to the sound of a thousand cockatoo's squawking.  It sounded like a tree full of monkey's going crazy.  By 5am I would slap my runner's on and go for a run through the woods, up Mount Coottha and into the neighbouring area of Ashgrove.  I discovered the great Australian walk-about was addicting...

I love venturing out early in the morning when most are still in bed sleeping.  I love seeing the roads barren and feeling a stillness that hangs in the air.  Because I was up at 6am feeding my little baby, I thought why not?  I left her with McKay, slapped on my runners and enjoyed an early morning walk-about.   I saw people in their pyjama's (barely awake) walking their dogs, extreme athletes working out at the gym and my favourite....the group of old chinese people practicing tai chi.

As I was walking toward MacLean Park, calming traditional chinese music floated passed my ears.  At first I though it was coming through an open window somewhere but when I crossed the street, I was pleasantly surprised to see the slow moving silhouettes in tai chi form as the morning sun sparkled over the horizon.  It brought me back to Hong Kong where I loved to watch the old people practice tai chi at Victoria Park amongst the large population of feral cats.  The music made the whole experience.  It kind of carried me away into some ancient memory of existence.

Discovering this early morning practice at MacLean park made time stand still for a moment.  I was taken to my home away from home but soon returned to East Van once out of sight.  It was a subtle reminder that my neighbourhood slowly dissolves into China Town.   I love where I live.

I also saw this...

The hamburger caught my eye, I thought it was a clever yard sale sign.  It makes me want to check it out.  Apparently it's all day saturday too since there is no specific time :)

I almost made it home in my dream world when some primitive male decided to whistle at me....do I look attractive in my sweaty work out clothes and messy bed-head hair?  Is my post maternity body that stunning?  I can't stand it when I get whistled at, it gives me the feeling that women are viewed as cheap object.  Thanks a lot GUY.

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John said...

Interesting, Julianne, you can find art in anything. You're just so creative. Love Mom