21 May 2011

One Can Dream

I'm thinking of starting a new blog called "Every Day is a Rainy Day".  The wet rainy weather is really getting to me.  
The last two summers have been extra short due to cool wet weather and after a long rainy winter season, it's enough to make me want to go crazy.  

If I wasn't so pregnant I would hop on a plane right now to some where sunny, dry, and warm...HOT! 
 I want to actually go swimming in the ocean instead of looking at it knowing it will never be really warm enough to swim in for long.  

Nothing like those chilly arctic waters flowing through the Georgia Straight.    
Hawaii first popped into my head but then I really started thinking more permanent. 

Australia!  Yes, I want to move back to Australia where everyday really is a sunny day and its still warm in winter and hot hot in summer and the ocean is beautiful and the beaches are even more beautiful.....

It's hard not to day dream about that.    

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