27 May 2011

Change of Plans

I've been letting the rainy cool weather get me down lately.  The disappointment of rain with the expectations of warm sunny weather has made me go into shut down mode.  

But I've been thinking about my situation and how it really isn't practical to pick up and go somewhere else right now.  This is where I live and I need to find something inspiring about the cool damp weather.

  I have to accept the fact that my garden might not amount to much this year and I may not be in a swim suit at the beach very often.  I have to carry on with life and make the most of it right?   

So I will pick up where I left off and keep working on my photos and paint my ideas and some how find that west coast spirit to enjoy the outdoors....even in the rain


nathaliedelakim said...

Awww, I hear you Juli! Vancouver can do that to you:) Gonna be in town for a few days at end of June...must see you!!

JKoZaK said...

Yes! Come visit us! I want to show you our new place.

McKay said...

Love that fighting spirit!