21 May 2011

Mirror Maze with 12 Signs of Depression by Ken Lum

Ken Lum has become one of my favourite Vancouver artists since I learned of him last year. It's strange because I don't like all the work that he produces but he examines questions of society and identity which I find fascinating.  

Banyan and I checked out Ken Lum's solo exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery and of course the Mirror Maze was Banyan's Favourite. We went through it at least six times.    

In the words of BandedShadows, "it is a cross between a mirror maze and symptoms of clinical depression. A mirror reflects a person’s own image and consequently, one knows them self. Ken Lum believes we live in confusing times and has chosen to fragment and alter the images produced by the mirrors."

I don't think Banyan suffers from depression by the looks of these photos.

I love this photo of Ken Lum.
Taken from the Vancouver Sun

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