19 July 2012

Strasbourg, City of Windows

I had the chance to walk around Strasbourg a few times while in France but it wasn't easy trying to push a baby stroller, hold the hand of a five year old and look through the lens of a camera at the same time.  It's one of those things looking back and wishing I had more photographs and wishing I had stopped to enjoy the moment in a park or sit in a cafe.  I wish I had the luxury of strolling aimlessly through the streets and soaking up the ambiance.  Banyan is always hungry at the wrong times so I spent most of my leisure finding him things to eat like bread pretzels and expensive juice.  He even finagled a few sorbets too.  I didn't get much time to explore this beautiful city but I'm grateful for the slice I did experience of Strasbourg's culture, history, and architecture.  

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David Koppe said...

expensive juice. ain't that the truth.