10 July 2012

Plobsheim, France

I really appreciate the little details I found while walking around Plobsheim.  I loved the lace curtains with fine details next to the rustic wooden shutters and wood beams that were kept exposed to show off the houses structural design.  Miniature busts stand at attention waiting to hold open the shutter doors.  I could see how people kept their potted plants just so and the flourish of petite flowers grown en masse in the garden beds.  Potted herbs are kept with in arms reach of the kitchen and is the secret to French home cooking.  I ate the most beautiful salads made up of fine herbs and tender mesclun from the garden daily.  I would always quiz my host, Lilly, about the ingredients in each dish she made and it was usually just some fresh herbs from the garden.  Her dishes carried so much depth of flavour.  Lilly was so gracious in catering to my dietary needs that I can honestly say I have never eaten so well in my life.  Every day was a pleasure at Lilly's French table. 

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