10 July 2011

Simple Pleasures

The best part of summer for me is the abundance of fruit!  Especially stone fruit.  It's such a pleasure to sit and eat a bowl full of local cherries.  I've also been plowing through honey dew melon like there's no tomorrow.  I'm sure I've eaten  more than double my weight in melon this season already.  And in my opinion EVERYTHING tastes better in a ceramic bowl.  

Our simple pleasure turned into an impromptu math lesson.  Although litte B likes to call it his science project.  In the middle of eating our cherries and melon he ran up stairs and came back with a pad of paper and pen in hand.  He asked me how to write 1+1 then we started using the cherries as a visual.

So satisfying.  

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nathaliedelakim said...

beautiful photos Juli! Now I'm craving melon....