05 July 2011

Georgia Olive

I've been a little busy lately bringing this beautiful little girl into the world.  She came a week early which was a pleasant surprise.  I had the most incredible experience and can fully appreciate the natural process of giving birth the way it was meant to be.   My first experience was so traumatic I was pretty sure I wasn't willing to risk doing that again.  But what tipped the scale?  Banyan needed a playmate for life.  Being an only child did not suit him at all.  So after three and a half years I took the risk...

I'm happy I did because now I know giving birth can be a beautiful thing and it doesn't have to be emotionally and physically traumatic. Having a Midwife and a home birth was amazing.  I highly recommend it. 

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Brittany said...

She is so beautiful!! I'm so glad everything went well and we can't wait to spoil her with lots of kisses and love!!