14 June 2011

BMW Binoculars

Some times inspiration and creativity blows in with the wind only to die suddenly when life's menial tasks get in the way.  I often get ideas and try to hang on to them until I have time to sit down and let them come out.  But... I find it hard to keep up the house AND keep on top of my ideas at the same time.  One of them always suffers.  

Every once in a while, I manage to get a project out.  

I took a sick day while my Husband and son went out for the morning and my goal was to just rest.  No house work.  Then I saw two empty toilet paper rolls sitting on the back of the toilet.  Hmmm....I had a vision and went with it.  

My little man needed his own pair of B*M*W binoculars.

My Son is obsessed with BMWs because those are his initials. Every time he sees one, everyone must stop to acknowledge HIS BMW passing by.  He is already begging us to buy a BMW and he's not even five!

I wanted to create a stencilled look like it was for some utilitarian purpose.  

Banyan was excited to get a random present.  It was like he couldn't believe it.  He kept asking, "Why?  Why did you make this for me Mama?"

Even though it was something small and simple, the act of creativity felt good for my soul.

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