26 April 2006


This man was so cute I had to take a picture of him. He turned around just as I was about to press the button on my camera when he lifted up his arm. After I took the picture and put my camera down, I noticed he had two fingers pointing at me. At first I thought he was telling me in his local dialect of Longshen (Guangxi, China) that he didn't want his picture taken. I nodded my head and said okay. But those two fingers were persistent. Two, Two...then I realized after I had walked past him that he was asking for two Yuan for taking his picture. In retrospect, I wish I walked back to this gentle old man and but 5 Yuan in his hand because this picture (to me) was worth it. Posted by Picasa

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Grace said...

hey Julie
i guess that is a picture worth five yuan. i mean he was looking your way.though there isnt a hint of smile on his face..
i was always "stealing pictures" as the people on the rice fields were working. i prefer it when they are doing thier daily chores and things..makes it look more natural. then again it must be pretty offending to have your picture taken when you dont know it.i cant wait to see all your pics u took in china.
ps nice blog.