28 March 2006

Life's Grass Issues

I use to wish on green grass when I was younger. I wanted the future to come, I always wanted to be somewhere else and my dad would always coin the phrase, 'the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence'. He taught me to live in the now. If I couldn't enjoy where I was now I would never be happy with the future. If I was to busy looking for the future, I would miss it when it finally became the present. Well I have grown up and adulthood has finally solidified at age 25. I recently had a discussion with my dad about life and the subject and it played out like this:

J: To me now the grass is brown on both sides! I haven't seen green grass in a long time, I am surrounded by concrete.

D: Don't worry, Heavenly Father keeps you close to green pastures, you just have to focus on what is in front of you.

J: Yeah, I know but sometimes I wish I could just be a horse and live on it.

D: Yes, real grass is nice but horses probably need prairie grass.

J: Yuck

D: It's not too green, mostly brown.

J: Not if I live in Scotland!

D: The weather is not so good there.

J: Bottom line, I am not a horse and I can only look at it. I like green grass. It makes me feel happy. It's plentiful in Canada.

D: Kids eat it.

J:Ha ha!

Picture: North Stradbroke Island Australia, looking for grass.

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