31 May 2012

Lettuce and Radishes

I'm really happy with the new types of lettuce I am growing this year. They are all the colours I love to see in a salad bowl. Conquistador Romaine, Esmeralda Butter Lettuce, and Merlot Looseleaf Lettuce.  I'm enjoying my Globe radishes too. 

I love salad and I can't get enough of any lettuce leaf that is red or purple in colour that contrasts so beautifully with various shades of it's green leafy friends. I am a bit of a snob when it comes to the perfect leaf. I have a strong dislike for the "mixed" lettuce that comes in the giant plastic tub from the super market. To me, it tastes bitter, flavourless and old. It's much better to by whole heads of lettuce and fresh herbs to mix and match as I go. 

But seriously, nothing is better than harvesting baby lettuce leaves straight from my back garden. These sweet, tender little morsels tossed with crisp radishes for an extra bite are what I live for after the long rainy winters on the west coast.  


K/J/C/M/S Skinner said...

I need some lettuce- harvesting advice - I'm not sure if I'm trimming too much or not enough and now my plants are giving up - when you come to the suburbs and teach me? Kelli

JKoZaK said...

You can do a few trimmings to the entire plant before it will stop producing or just trim individual leaves which allows you to harvest the plant for longer. You can also give the plants some kelpman fertilizer to give them a boost. I would love to come and see how your garden is growing! It's been way too long.