15 February 2012


I'm hardly that narcissistic.  I can barely bring myself to update my facebook page.  But once a year, on a day like today, I wake up with a sense of entitlement.  I get the feeling I can do what ever I want and I can because it's my day.  But after laying in bed for an extra 15 minutes, the reality of the matter is that wasting time is wasting time and the dishes need to be washed and the food needs to be made.  I would almost rather spend my birthday cleaning the entire house because that is what makes me happy... A CLEAN ORGANIZED HOUSE.  I live with a Tasmanian devil so it's a struggle to keep up with the whirl wind of debris. Some days the mess is so atrocious, I keep the blinds closed for fear of judgement.

Time to get on with it. 


McKay said...

I love Tasmanian devils. Your house is a beautiful place and clean.

Happy Birthday!!!

Katie said...

Happy birthday!! I hope you do something extra special fun today!