13 April 2011

The Daffodil Thief

Little B has been the sweetest little boy when it comes to flowers.  He has been thoughtfully picking other people's daffodils and giving them to me.  What can a mother do?  I love them and have been finding little glass vases to put them in.  I do my best to let him know that picking other people's flowers isn't right but it is a hard concept for him to grasp.  He just knows that his mama loves flowers.  So adorable.  He usually gives me a big hug when he gives them to me too.  

One day we happened to be in a bank sorting out our mortgage details when a big bundle of unopened sickly looking daffodils were dropped off at the banker's desk.  She noticed Banyan's interest and immediately handed us two bunches to take with us.  I didn't think they would amount to much because the looked pitiful.  Banyan and I took turns carrying them and waving them around for the next few.  The eventually ended up in a grocery bag by the time we got home.  I cut the ends off and stuck them in a vase not expecting them to turn into such a beautiful bunch of flowers!  Banyan and I ate all our meals together looking at them and talking about them.  They really cheered up the new place which is still full of boxes!  I was sad to see them withered and droopy this morning realizing their time had come to an end.  Such is life.


ben+alex said...

haha that is so cute. i love daffodils too.
happy i found your blog.
new follower.


Brittany said...

daffodils are one of my favorite flowers!
landon is like banyan, he steals flowers off of campus and then brings them home for me too :)