05 November 2010

I feel inspired as I continue to chase my dreams.  I have been reading Garance Dore's blog, specifically about her first times of working and striving to get to where she is now.   I feel I am on this same path to finding what it is  I love and making it my job.  

I thought I wanted to be a film editor so I went to film school and worked my can off.  After graduation I worked for a few independent companies before working at a commercial production house.  I learned all about Hollywood.  I learned about actors, films, and the makings of.  I learned what it feels like to sell my soul to the devil and work a graveyard shift for 9 months so an editing suite can make its money's worth.  I destroyed my body so superficial information could be passed to the masses of couch potatoes passively living their lives through a representation of reality we call Hollywood. 

I landed a better editing job creating archival film masters of cartoons that have already been aired on television.  It was actually pretty cool to put a cartoon together digital frame by digital frame.  The pay off was being able to watch a 26 minute cartoon episode before recording it on to film.  

It was not to last as life would have it.  Marriage, living over seas, and having a baby changed everything.  I finally feel like I am on the right path to what I really love.  Art.  Such a broad area of interest, so how do I narrow it down?  Each class I take at Emily Carr gets me closer and closer to my goal of discovering what it is I truly love and turning it into a job.


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