15 November 2005

Hong Kong, What are you?

I've tried to imagine what Hong Kong must look like to an outside perspective. What do I look like to everyone else when I'm out walking the streets? I don't feel foreign, do I look foreign? Yes, I probably do. I also thought how I could put into words, what it's like to live in Hong Kong. I think what it comes down to is a cramped, jam packed city that is just way to busy. It's about business; commerce, every one is involved whether it's selling, buying, reselling, eating, sleeping. Not to mention all the walking, running, and waiting to get around this city with it's massive transportation system. Majority of motor vehicles consist of buses and taxis. The buses are layered to match this vertical city. You can't just glance out the window to tell if it's a sunny day or cloudy. You must press your face against the window and look way way up if you want to see blue sky. Hong Kong, can I really sum you up? Perhaps this quote will due, "In reality, cement, like the human body, is a highly multivariate nonlinear system whose properties are greater than the sum of all parts."

Cement, that is
Hong Kong.

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